Outsourced editing solution for professional wedding cinematographers


Master your post-production process

Less time editing, more time for life

Outsourcing your wedding edits allows you to take control of your business. You’ll have more time to grow your business and service your clients better. Most importantly, you’ll spend less time in front of the computer with repetitive tasks, and have more time for family and friends.

Business Growth

Outsource repetitive work to
focus on the bigger picture. Win more work and strengthen your business.

Increased Profit

Halve your post-production cost
to improve your margins and bottom line.

Happier Customers

Improve turn-around times to
impress your customers and secure their future recommendations.

Turn a week long edit into a 10 minute task

Your style, our editors
Our editors adjust their techniques to suit your style of production. We take the time to learn about your methods, and replicate the feel of your films.
Whether you’ve been shooting weddings for 10 years or 6 months, leave us the hard work of piecing together your edits. We’re workflow experts–the process with us is quick, straightforward and simple.
Fast turn-around
Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide a completed production at amazing speed. If you choose to upload your files to us, things progress even faster. Your clients will be stunned when they receive their film early!
By outsourcing your editing to our team, you’ll never be drowning in post-production or dreading another day in front of the computer. Our process is streamlined, it literally takes 10 minutes to submit everything we need to get started.
There are many types of short films that wedding videographers /cinematographers offer their couples. We have a range of package options for you to choose from, providing highly creative short films to match your style. Whether your films are time-shift with lots of dialogue, or soundtrack driven with bold song choices and lots of slow motion, we’ll adapt to suit you!

Your editor will organise the footage, timelines and directories to create a tidy and neat workspace. They’ll create timelines for each section of the day, import the relevant footage, crossfade audio, delete undesirable shots and carefully sync and edit together multi-camera sections. We can also insert a light and unobtrusive cinematic score over some sections of the day to create a seamless and beautiful flow of footage.

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