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There are LOTS of reasons you should outsource your wedding editing. You’ll make more money, free up time to service existing clients better AND win more work! You’ll have more free time for family and friends, and avoid spending 40 hours a week in front of a computer!
We have a simple process for getting files from you and then delivering the competed project file. Click here to learn more.
Every wedding cinematographer / videographer has a slightly different style. We ask you to provide some samples of your previous work in order for our editor to replicate your style. For our experienced wedding editors, it’s no problem adjusting to your style. You may need to provide detailed feedback for the first edit, but we’re quick learners! After the first few edits, most of our clients don’t provide any feedback and make some minor changes themselves to the project file. We’re always happy to make changes though!
Your completed project file can be supplied in either Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro format.
Our fully detailed pricing is available online for you to read, just click here.
Generally, it takes about 3 weeks to complete the first edit once we receive the files, and a week per edit after this. If it’s the very first edit you’re sending us, it may take a little longer because we’re spending extra time to learn how to edit to your style. If we’re super busy and there will be any sort of delay on your production, we’ll let you know. If you’re posting a hard drive to us, the process takes longer as we’re waiting to receive the files. If you upload the files and provide via Dropbox, everything moves faster!
Once your editing form has been received, you’ll be invoiced 50% of the project cost via PayPal. Nothing else is due until after you’ve received the edit. There is no tax applicable to the transaction, and we don’t charge you any fees to pay via PayPal. Booya!
No way! There’s lot of reasons to work with us instead of hiring a freelancer: 1) You’re working with a studio that edits weddings for a living. Your editor is an expert in their field, and they literally edit weddings all day. We don’t dabble in other types of editing work. 2) We’re a fully-fledged team with client support, production managers and editors. This means you’ll get your edit when we promise, there are backup editors if yours is unavailable, and we’ll go that extra mile to get the job done! 3) We have a detailed and straightforward process to make post-production easy and fast. We use Tave as a project management software, allowing you to easily book edits online 24-7. 4) You can call or email us anytime and expect a quick, knowledgeable reply
We operate from Adelaide, Australia and work exclusively with clients in the USA and Canada. We have a team of talented editors that are managed by our director, and production managers. You’ll always communicate directly with our English-speaking team in Australia, but please don’t ask if we ride kangaroo’s to work. You’ll always get a friendly G’day from us when you call or email and we’ll be happy to address questions quickly! For your convenience, you can post your hard-drive to an American address, and call our American number anytime.
Your data and personal privacy is secure with us. The relationship between your studio and ours is completely confidential. We never use your footage for anything other than editing and providing back to you. We do not use your content to advertise our service to others. However, we are not a data backup service. When your data is in-transit between us via post, or online, we offer no guarantee of its safety. Similarly, when we receive your files we are not providing a guaranteed off-site backup for you. We suggest that at all times, you keep your clients data on multiple hard-drives at multiple locations. The fact we also have your data is a nice-to-have, but can’t be relied upon.
Yes, we sure can. We adapt our services and pricing to suit what you need. Different studios provide a great range of options to their customers. We're able to completely customize our service to reflect what you provide your customers.