Simple workflow, amazing results

Learn how the process works.

We have a simple and straightforward online form which allows you to provide all of the relevant details for each project. The form takes less than 4 minutes to fill out. It will ask you a range of questions, and allow you to select your editing options. You'll also complete a contract, and pay the 50% retainer online.
You have two options for sending files to us. Firstly, if you have a good internet connection, you can upload the complete set of editing files (usually 80-120gb to Dropbox) and send us a link. The "Proxy" process for studios working in Premiere Pro CC has amazing potential to re-invent your workflow! What could be a 500GB project, can be reduced to 100GB or less - perfect for sharing online. Get in touch with our team for more information on this innovative new software update. We’ll let you know when we’ve successfully downloaded the full set of files so you can remove from your Dropbox account. Providing files to us online will be the fastest way for your editor to get started on the project, therefore reducing the overall production timeline. Alternatively, you can post a hard-drive to our American address at your expense, formatted in NTFS format. This hard-drive may include a single client, or multiple clients.
We’ll assign a particular editor to your studio, so they’re able to learn your requirements, replicate your style and produce a consistent edit for you every time. We’ll send you an email to let you know we’ve successfully received your files. Generally, it takes about 3 weeks to complete the first edit submitted, and a week per edit after this. If it’s the very first edit you’re sending us, it may take a little longer because we’re spending extra time to learn how to edit to your style. If we’re super busy and there will be any sort of delay on your production, we’ll let you know. If you’re new to our service, we’ll ask you to link us through to some samples of your work, or provide these for us to download and review. This helps our editors replicate your editing style for not only the short films, but also the long format film.
Once we’ve completed work on your edit, we’ll upload the project file to a Dropbox folder that we’ll share together. You can download the project file, and any other files, such as audio re-renders, we’ve had to create that are different to the original files you’ll still have on your computer. This Dropbox folder will include all of the edits we’ve supplied to you, and we’ll never delete any of it. It’ll stay there as long as you need.
Dropbox will automatically download the project files to your computer, if you allow auto sync to occur. We suggest you copy each client’s project files into their folder on your computer. Within a few clicks, you can open the project file, allow your editing software to connect all the relevant files, and voilà! A fully edited project will appear in front of your eyes. A week’s worth of work will magically appear! Trust us, there’s no better feeling.
We suggest you watch the short film to check for small corrections you may like to make. For example, if you know something particular was very important to your bride, but you didn’t mention this to our editors, you could go and find it in the long film and insert in the short film. Then, simply render the short film and provide it to your couple online. Then, wait for any requested changes from the couple, and whilst you’re waiting, you could review the full length film. Once the client gets back to you, and you’ve reviewed everything else, you have the option of submitting a set of changes to us. If the changes are general lessons you’d like your editor to learn, definitely submit them to us, so your editor can improve your next edit. After we've been working with you for some time, hopefully there are very minor adjustments, and it may be quicker to do these yourself. Of course, we’re happy to make any changes included in the editing rate, as long as you advise within 14 days of the edit being provided to you.
We'll send your hard-drive back via mail to your preferred address (a $20 charge applies).